Travel Team Program

One of the Kearney Basketball Club’s primary roles is to help “tournament teams” form in Kearney, to practice during the basketball season and compete in area tournaments. Often called “traveling teams,” basketball tournament teams are able, for the most part, to play in events that do not require much travel beyond the Tri-Cities area.

In 2018-19, we expect approximately 30 boys & girls teams to participate in the KBC’s Travel Team Program. As a participant, teams receive 1-2 practices per week, a bag of basketballs, insurance and KBC provides all of our teams with black & white reversible uniforms.

The KBC can help parents interested in this opportunity by providing practice time, team uniforms, and access to information on events in the area, and some assistance with organizing the team. KBC does not form the teams, it is up to the parents to put together a group of 8-10 kids who wish to play. Teams are formed in a variety of ways. The most common is a parent or two putting together a group of friends, or players that they know from KBC and other sports; sometimes it is eight kids from one elementary or middle school, some form with all KPS kids, some form with all KCHS students.

Parents normally split up the entry fees for the tournaments. The entry fees for four events would be about $560, or about $56 per player for a team with 10 players.

The KBC Travel Team Program has a minimal fees per team, which includes uniforms, basketballs, practice times & insurance! Teams have the option to practice one or two nights per week, depending on the preference of the parents and coach. We are usually able to work around conflicts as long as they are provided during the registration process.

Kearney hosts three tournaments, and there are tournaments in Holdrege, Lexington, Ravenna, Aurora, Grand Island, Minden and Lincoln, that allow teams to play in several events with limited travel.

The most important part of a traveling team is finding a parent or two willing to coach. The KBC can provide experience and assistance with the process of organizing your team.

The 2019-20 KBC Travel Team Program registration form is now available as a PDF.

Parents interested in organizing a new team or coaching, should contact us about registering for the travel team program.