About KBC

More than 25 years ago, a group of parents, high school coaches and others interested in promoting youth basketball for boys and girls attending Kearney schools formed a non-profit organization to promote and teach basketball fundamentals, skills, sportsmanship and the concept of teamwork in a fun, healthy, and safe environment by providing competitive games and practices.

Increasing the availability of instruction and practice time will improve the basketball skills and future success of our young boys and girls as well as enrich the quality of our schools’ junior high, freshman, sophomore, junior varsity and varsity teams.

As a non-profit organization, funding for the Kearney Basketball Club is provided exclusively by individual and team assessments, donations and fundraising activities.

Through the years, the KBC has donated four new glass backboards for the south gym at the old Kearney High school, two additional backboards for the north gym as well as travel gear for the boys & girls varsity teams. KBC has purchased padded folding chairs for the team benches in the Kearney Catholic High School gymnasium and donated funds to purchase the padded score table. KBC also contributed to the fundraising efforts for the Cope Coliseum. We were able to make these contributions through fundraising efforts, including our youth basketball tournament in February.